For Exquisite Skin
Impress "Adhesive Application" Method

The skin's structure is based on a system of 'binding and adhesion'.

Skin is the amalgam of cells, tissues and the various substances that bind these elements together. Normal binding and adhesion of these components is the key to true skin enhancement and beauty. 'Adhesive Application,' unique to the Impress line of products, is a technique that focuses on the relation of binding and adhesion, characteristic of the skin.

Adhesive Application Method Using the Palms

Use the palm of the hands for cheeks, forehead or the entire face. Focus the concentration on the center of the palms and lightly apply gentle pressure. Warming up your hands beforehand will help to raise the skin temperature quickly.

Adhesive Application Method Using the Ball of the Fingers

For even application or when performing Adhesive Application on protruding portions around the cheeks, the nose, and contour of the face, use the ball of the fingers, a versatile massaging tool that can be used for any surface, whether it is vertical, horizontal, or circular.

Adhesive Application Method Using the Fingertips

This method uses the fingertips for massaging sensitive areas around the eyes, mouth, and nostril. As it is easy to put too much pressure when using the index finger, press lightly using the tips of the middle and ring fingers instead.