Exquisite Skin.
Exquisite Woman.

What is the role of cosmetics?

This is the question we at Kanebo have
asked ourselves
from the day we started
manufacturing cosmetics in 1936.
What have we contributed to the concept of
beauty in these 70 years...?

Kanebo's first desire
was to explore the limits of how beautiful
we could make our cosmetic products.

Kanebo's beauty products were even called
"The magic that makes you beautiful."


It was also Kanebo that introduced
the era of cold cream to Japan.

Cold cream was born in 1941,
as the product representing Kanebo.

This was the first step for
Whitening products as well.

"May Young"
the origin of genuine anti-aging care.


Bundling such treasures accumulated
over 70 years into one comprehensive solution,
Kanebo came up with...

Impression Defines High-end Beauty
Skin holds the key to the impression
a woman makes.

The skin represents the person’s beautiful way of life
and determines the impression a woman gives.
This is the reason Impress sought to create skin
that makes the impression itself look beautiful.

Exquisite skin is
what gives an impression of
ultimate beauty.

It is impossible to make a woman
and her impression shine
she has breathtakingly beautiful skin.

Exquisite skin is skin
that leaves the impression of
a woman’s grace.

Impress considers achieving such skin is
true anti-aging skincare.