White Cream Returnergy

Continuously supplies nutrients to the skin.

Cosmeceutical whitening cream that counteracts the cause of spots throughthe night. Hydrates and smoothes the skin, for faster shedding of old keratin cells which are filled with melanin.


40g(quasi drug)

Appropriate amount per use

Approx. 0.5g (2 pearl-size)

How to use


1.Apply the serum to the forehead, cheeks, and chin, and spread it over the entire face.

2.Press the face with both palms from the center toward the outer edge of the face, pressing the skin lightly.

3.With fingertips, press on the areas around the eyes and the mouth, starting from the center of the face and moving outward.

When the skin is in poor condition

1.After using lotion to tone up the skin, apply the emulsion to the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin, and spread the cream over the entire face.

For a lift-up effect

Lift up the face line

SoftenFor approximately 20 seconds

1.Soften the entire face, focusing on stiff areas near the back of the jaw bone, which are prone to muscle discomfort and the buildup of impurities. Use balls of the fingers, mainly the middle finger.

Lift up3 times

2.Hold the jaw bone using the side of the thumb and the index finger, and lift up the skin from the tip of the chin towards the parotid gland. Apply light pressure at the end.

Circulate3 times

3.Using three fingers - mainly the middle finger - stroke lightly downward from the parotid gland to the pits of the collarbones. Apply light pressure at the end.


Lift up the cheeks and care for the nasolabial folds

Softenabout 20 seconds for the entire face

1.Slightly close the hands, place the second joints of the fingers except for the thumbs on the cheeks, and rotate them to loosen the cheek muscles.
Thoroughly massage the muscles around the cheekbones as they tend to be tired.

Lift up3 times

2.Put the entire palms on the cheeks and lift the cheek skin up. Slide the palms until the wrists reach the temple.

Circulate1 time

3.Place the fingertips around the ears and draw circles from the front to the back in each of the three places show in the figure while applying pressure. Then, slide the fingers from above the ears to the One Hundred Acupoint. Press the area around the One Hundred Acupoint to conclude.

Major facial muscles to treat

Facial muscles of expression (shallow muscles)

Masticatory muscles (deep muscles)